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tv   Headline News  RT  June 22, 2013 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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after he revealed to wall. people all around the world. but it turns out the british intelligence agency has. of the american. syrian government used chemical weapons. on the rebel forces.
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a very good morning to you. just after ten am on saturday. thank you for joining with the program today the u.s. has filed criminal charges against edward snowden the man who exposed to the world the extent of the secret global surveillance network run by the n.s.a. reports say washington will now attempt to extradite the thirty year old from hong kong where the cia employee turned whistleblower has been sheltering ever since exposing the. machine details correspondent. edward snowden has been charged with espionage theft and conversion of government property now the u.s. justice department has also reportedly asked hong kong to address that word snowden the united states has an extradition treaty with hong kong and snowden could fight extradition if he's arrested there but the treaty has an exception for political offenses so snowden's defense team in hong kong may potentially invoke that part of
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the extradition treaty edward snowden's revelations as we all know have shed unprecedented light on the u.s. government's massive spying program he revealed that even if you're not doing anything wrong you're being watched and recorded and the obama administration has prosecuted more whistleblowers under the espionage act than all previous administrations combined but edward snowden. says it's not government persecution that he fears he said the greatest fear that i have regarding these revelations is that nothing will change and political commentator and journalist says he believes edward snowden has the upper hand in this scandal because you actually managed to win over public support for having to face the government for his actions. this is what snowden was expecting i mean he went to hong kong he's been very vocal that is he's fully expecting the government to come down hard on him like they've come down on all whistleblowers over the last few years but snowden has a leg up on
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a lot of these whistleblowers and that's the fact that he released these documents he made himself public he went out he made his case for why he released these documents so this is going to be played out in the public eye on like say what happened to bradley manning who was picked up never had a chance to defend himself in the public eye and has just been sitting in prison that's going to probably complicate the government's case against note is that we know why he did this and there's a lot of support behind him doing this this is the time that better whistleblower has been charged by the obama administration under the espionage act the government so far has been unable whether it's thomas drake john kiriakou or right now with the bradley manning trial show how any of these leaks have resulted in espionage or have hurt americans the national security of of the united states. and in the meantime snowden appears to have some ice skate routes lined up in front of him and one includes being whisked away from hong kong on
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a private jet and the full story right now a dot com do bear in mind though we have the latest updates a timeline of events and expert analysis on this story is standing by for you right now a click away at odyssey talk. and all of this comes off the edward snowden also revealed british intelligence has its own spying operation reportedly even more involved than the american one reporting from london. certainly a new twist senate reveals a vast and compassing program operation in place by b g c h q here in the u.k. it shows that they have been a collecting and storing vast quantities of information ranging from facebook posts to phone calls as well as internet even internet histories basically they have had access to fiber optic cables that carry the world's phone calls if you remember even the n.s.a. said that they did not record phone calls but according to these latest revelations
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by edward snowden that up to six hundred million quote unquote telephone events last year were recorded a day by you can imagine the vast amount of data that they are now able to tap into to store and to analyze and share with the u.s. as a national security agency or the n.s.a. if you look at the documents it snowden had provided the titles of some of the main components were mastering the internet or global telecom exploitation clearly there's no doubt as to what the objectives of these programs were having put them in the place and also the fact that the technology exists right now and that there have been in place for the last eighteen months is really a terrifying thought for private citizens because this kind of vast and compassing kind of technology does not distinguish between innocent private citizens and targeted suspects and that has more of the concern of course of security versus infringement of privacy and also there's another point to be made here that the
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guardian believes that reported that about the people what access to the. database were about eight hundred fifty thousand and it's a employees and private contractors with a top security clearance that's a lot of people with access to private information of u.k. citizens and beyond and also according to edward snowden. have been even worse than the u.s. in their spying efforts here. correspondents are reporting there from london katherine albrecht a spokesperson for the alternative so it's engine start page she says governments obsessions with surveillance might bring about and to purposely as we know it i think if we start going down this road of saying that it anyplace people are where there is privacy and they need to be watched by the government then we get to the point where we will not have private hotel rooms we will not even have private bedrooms or private showers in our own homes and eventually you know we're going to have nostril cams looking up our noses so i think it's some point we've got to say just like the founding fathers of the united states said in the in the bill of
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rights no you can't go rifling through a law abiding citizens privacy just because on the options someone might commit a crime down the road truly were if if law enforcement wants to find people who are doing bad things it's not looking for the people who are going online looking things up it's really the people who are doing bad actions and i think that mindset that everyone needs to be watched is how we've gotten into the trouble that we're in right now and back doors so that they can watch three hundred million americans and literally hundreds of millions or billions of people around the world to see what they're searching for when they go on to their search engines. and even an impeccable record can be of no use when someone needs to know exactly what you're up to that's what china is famous human rights for good. in america after some of his apple items were found to be bugged with devices that can be used for spying.
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for the other what washington's desire to provide lethal aid to the syrian rebels has suffered a significant blow this offer the u.n. said it was not convinced it was assad's government which had used chemical weapons details now from oxys middle east correspondent paula sleep. united nations experts say that they do not concern the claims put forward by the united states britain and france that the damascus regime used chemical weapons against the syrian rebels they said that despite the fact that these three countries collected evidence on the ground such as blood tissue and soil samples it is inconclusive and that they would have to say in their own investigators to conduct a personal investigation inside syria this is what the u.n. had to say we cannot say what. we cannot see what the agents know about weapons we can use them and we can be written to look for anything concrete so you are casting serious ground into work the west has supplied the un.
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the british the french supplied with basically is verifiable they have they haven't but it's important to note that based on these unsubstantiated claims by the united states britain and france that assad used chemical weapons last week the american president barack obama ordered the cia to stop supplying weapons to the syrian rebels he said to quote him that the damascus regime has crossed a red line sit by washington today saturday will be a high level meeting of the core group of eleven foreign ministers who make up the so-called friends of soviet in doha it comes a week after the country's met in anchorage and at that meeting the free syrian army appealed for more military aid calling for heavy weapons what will come out of today's meeting at least mantissa paid is a reassessment of the situation on the ground and a discussion on what kind of weapons to supply of the syrian rebels and wind should do so now the russian president vladimir putin has reiterated that any supply of
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weapons to the syrian rebels is in violation of international law and he has warned that it will only further destabilize the situation on the ground yes. i can barely understand. why one would supply arms to the unlawful rebel groups in syria when we don't even know who those groups consist of if washington acknowledges one of the keyboard keys of the opposition forces refer and as a terrorist organization officially and admits its links to al qaeda how can they then debate that same opposition where would those weapons and up. to the point that the russian president makes that we do not know who composes the opposition and waving his weapons well and that is a point that is raising concern in the international community for twenty seven months this conflict has been going on and at this stage it seems to be showing no signs of letting up policy our team on the israeli syrian border. the west mulls
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over providing weapons to the syrian opposition political analyst. who feels they should think twice before making such a decision i think the worst is not really learning about the consequences of arming people this is by no means an attempt to end a bloody struggle ensued it's going to do quite well this has been going all along you know since the early going to start because the the objectives of arming those people have got nothing to do with the remark it was to get rid of a government that doesn't obey what the west or the united states says. are still to come here one ot say that of a quelling the rage as nationwide protests continue brazil's government promises to hastily usher in new reforms all of this in an attempt to calm tension those details are just around the corner.
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do we speak your language. or music programs and documentaries in spanish more matters to you breaking news a little tonnage of angola's stories. here. in troy altie spanish find out more visit. he gets. to.
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go for. thanks for joining us here on our teachers a few minutes on abby martin and breaking the set for now though brazil's president dilma rousseff to bring in new reforms to calm public anger it's been raging across the country for days and brought more than a million people onto the streets so far though at least two activists have died in clashes and what is the largest public unrest the country has seen in two decades. of reports from brazil. reports of a second day in massive protests all over brasil are adding more anger and violence
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to their ongoing rallies the first victim an eighteen years old demonstrator died in the state of southbound after a car crashed through a barricade and the driver planes at least sixty people have been injured brazil is witnessing historic rallies taking place across the country and some estimates say from one to two million people flooded the streets of more than one hundred cities what started as a rally over transport first house turned into a violent mass demonstration and police crackdown police used tear gas paper spray and rubber bullets some of the protesters threw stones torched cars and pulled down loved those in real crowds marched against corruption police brutality poor public services and excessive spending on the world cup their banners called for change saying like stop corruption and government failure to understand education will lead to revolution crowds could gather in the capital brasilia try to torch the
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building of the foreign ministry where also met with a harsh police response brazilian authorities agreed to make a step forward and drop they are moved over but first increase but protesters claim it's too little too late with protests fevers breathing fast across the nation demonstrators promised in the next days there will be more protests. and journalist and blogger morris yourself say says the inability of the government to deal with the enormous social inequality simply put is the main reason fueling the protests i would compare for much of the situation in chile a few years ago in chile as we're protesting against the high price for education that has a massive middle class which brazil has just gotten after fifty years of successful achievement of big achievement for really driving forty million people out of poverty and other things i would say that this is the first revolt of the middle
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class of a class. cade's and people are wondering if they could get better services and they could get better education better and better health it is not exactly above the economy because brazil's pretty much living through full employment and it's not terribly compared to european countries i would say the protests in brazil they cook for a very long but then when they happen lots of issues and this is the biggest one in all of time in a long long time so most of the issues brought about now are basically discontent with how government works. channel has caught in focus some of the images of the brazilian protest you can head over there right now to see the pictures from many of the cities in the grip of unrest.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule the day. good to have you with us here on our to today china's most famous civil rights activist chen chang may have been spied on by america after some personal items belonging to the blind dissident were found to be bugged with tracking devices that this full story to watch is more important. just a few weeks following revelations about america's prism spying program on another surveillance story is on folding this one surrounding chinese activist chen guangcheng the blind decided to move to the u.s. last may with his family after reportedly escaping a dramatic house arrest in china treated as a hero and symbol of democracy chen received a fellowship at n.y.u.
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new york university he also received an apartment in greenwich village and many tech gadgets that were donated by his supporters right now while corning to reuters a smartphone an i pad that chen received upon arriving to new york was loaded with it in spine software allegedly used to spy on the self-taught lawyer and why you technicians inspected the electronics reportedly finding software that allowed a third party to secretly connect to a g.p.s. that was able to track him according to reports also there's been published reports indicating that there was a hit in password protected software that backed up all the contents on his i pad and or i phone and that allowed the contents to be remotely access to buy a server according to reports at least three other electronic devices given to china also included suspicious software but it is not clear who is responsible for
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the alleged spy software however what chen supporters say is clear is that a man who gained international recognition for standing up for human rights in china comes to america where he allegedly finds himself living under a veil of surveillance reporting from new york. r.t. . or straight into the office you will go up there we go now starting with of the turkish capital seeing the night of government protests with police using water come. tear gas to disperse the crowds the unpopular unrest has been ongoing for more than three weeks now it's already claimed five lives and left thousands more injured other people are angry at what they call the authorities hereon policy or prime minister or the one who has slammed the protesters as thugs saying he will not be manipulated. kind of those oil capitol of calgary where the troops are
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being deployed to cope with the worst flooding the city has seen in decades these three people killed while as many as one hundred thousand evacuated this after a year's worth of rain fell in just thirty six hours rivers flooded the city's main roads bridges were overwhelmed masses amounts of traffic gridlock though the area's oilfields and pipelines at this point not be nothing. twenty minutes past the hour moscow time a terror attacks constant drone strikes and vicious sectarian strife in pakistan's newly elected government faces an awful lot of ugly challenges but amid the outbreaks of violence many other issues such as an immense lack of energy and just left on the sidelines or even when the government starts looking for answers to the shortfall it stumbles upon a whole new host of. business is far from booming at this textile mill in pakistan several times each day the machines come to
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a halt there's simply not enough power to keep them running forcing them to sit idle for up to fourteen hours a day the mill has resorted to burning wood to keep up production but for a factory employing four thousand people it's an unsustainable solution this is to be affecting the number of people you can employ you must provide jobs and job creation can you have than if you have energy and energy is personally what pakistan lacks the country of almost one hundred eighty million people has been plagued by power cuts that have grown longer and more frequent in recent years about two thirds of pakistan's energy comes from oil and gas but there's not enough fuel to go around most cars here are run a natural gas but widespread shortages often leave drivers queuing up at the pump for hours the power crisis has also played a major role in helping industrial take who are not washer we've defeat the ruling party in the recent election. it's a tragedy that a country with atomic weapons is deprived of electricity and has no electricity for even twenty hours a day how can a country develop in such
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a situation so called load shedding means people and businesses can't function those who can afford it turn to a battery run electricity by using a device called u.p.s. it's enough to keep a few lights and ceiling fans on but just barely across pakistan countless people are struggling to get by because of the energy crisis businesses large and small are desperate for an increase in energy supply in hard hit areas like this one the geopolitics of where pakistan turns to in order to get those supplies is hardly a top concern q iran the islamic republic has plenty of natural gas reserves which pakistan is eager to consume and after nearly twenty years the two countries inaugurated a gas pipeline that would let pakistan do just that the project aims to bring a million cubic feet of gas to pakistan each day from iran's offshore south park's field in the persian gulf. this is the single best thing which has happened to box on the last sixty five years of his existence it will be
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a major step towards providing cost effective solution and a solution which will allow pakistan to be actually connected to the global energy guest recess but there are serious doubts about how pakistan could finance the one point five billion dollars needed to build its portion of the pipeline and there's another hurdle washington has threatened to slap islam abroad with sanctions over the project if this deal is finalized for a proposed iran pakistan pipeline it would raise serious concerns under our around sanctions act we've made that absolutely clear to our pakistani qana parts the americans are pushing for a rival plan for u.s. backed pipeline from turkmenistan instead but u.s. opposition isn't the only hurdle really sticky i don't think that's ever going to happen because if you look at the geopolitical you look at the forces that are opposed to it it's not just the united states that's opposed to it it's also saudi arabia it's also the it's also got that also that new prime minister is you know
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quite pulls out the at least historically has been i don't see the pakistan biplane going through it remains to be seen whether the pipeline will be sidelined by geopolitics but for the people here there's little choice but to put up with the inconvenience and wait in line to see caffein of r.t.e. pakistan. this is our in the global business elite have gathered now and some people for the city as a new will international economic forum meeting but already seeing some groundbreaking moves being made including that over the russian president signing off on an oil deal with china that is worth hundreds of billions of dollars to use a critical beamers in russia's northern capital for. the two hundred seventy billion dollars deal has been struck really supposed to all expectations here in st
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petersburg between it and china that equates to three hundred thousand barrels a day that's on top of the three hundred thousand that is already delivered to china about three hundred. tons this is a huge deal and it's a huge deal for a number of reasons we know that the eurozone at the moment is dealing with a sovereign debt crisis the demand has gone down from there and europe has made no secret of the fact that they want to diversify. their demand as to where they get that oil from so this has to play into this as well but as far as china is concerned it is a popular move i've been turning to the business elite here and they say it's all about russia moving from now on you've only got to look at a map to see that it makes sense for these two countries to be dealing with each other to be striking out these multi billion dollar deals also for rough stuff that as a company it's great on the balance sheet we know that they acquired to be paid as a whole slate. and they are still paying the bills for that but i've got to tell you it's no all about china ross nafta been drumming up the lente of deals head
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today they've been speaking to any exxon and also as well so it will set in the head of the company has been a busy mt. i want to talk about so gas because putin approached this topic in his hand when he was a bit defiant towards the fact that many people are saying that russia let through the. resolution revolution i should say so he said the main reasons why it's not. that in the energy world is simply because it's costly it's more costly to produce the natural gas and as well as that is also environmental concerns as well to do with the fracking process that is needed to get the shale gas and the fact that it can contaminate the water so far as producing was concerned he was defiant towards the so-called stale gas boom. he's critical been reporting right now if you kind of stay with us here and see you just a moment i'll be martin no nonsense news and breaking the set that's in just
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a minute. you know what's worse than a crop bureaucrat a crook bureaucrat who sucks at being corrupt a scumbag bureaucrat in veronese russia just couldn't help himself and put some very hefty charges for services contracts for road repair and construction in just three years he was able to take enough of a percentage off of these contracts though investigators raided his house he had the equivalent of over three million dollars in russian money all over his home news not mail dot ru claims he had entire laundry hampers and twenty five kilogram sugar sex filled to the brim with box first off when someone is this flagrant that means that he felt rather comfortable and not getting caught so there are plenty
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more of these guys out there but second this is an absolute slap in the face to russia taxpayers who are hungry for new roads i think for instance it's a flagrant in your face obvious crush corruption russia might need to reconsider that moratorium on the death penalty but that's just i mean. to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous. i mean. as i've seen really not so. very closely. worst for the. white house or for the. radio guy minutes. what. we're about to give you never seen anything like this i'm told.
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the guy is welcome to bring that over fat cat bankers who made headlines again for all the wrong reasons again see five former bank of american ploys recently came forward in federal court to say that they were instructed to mislead customers who were on the verge of foreclosure they said that they were ordered to give bad advice and to stall applications for loan modifications of course b. of a is the ny that claim up and down but forgive me if i have trouble believing them after all bank of america is the worst of the worst when it comes to helping people keep a roof over their heads the robust robo signers controversy where b. of a employees sign a false affidavit is to speed up the foreclosure process yep one former employee to recent terror loans even admitted that workers were encouraged to deceive borrowers about their loan statuses she told c.n.n. b c quote a coup.